NMMI Holiday Transfer

King’s Highway offers transfers from the New Mexico Military Institute (NMMI) to the Albuquerque airport (ABQ). Payment for the NMMI transfers must be paid through PayPal. If a cadet wishes to cancel a reservation, an email must be submitted in advance to office@travelkingshighway.com. Refunds will not be given for missing the bus. Refunds will not be given if a cadet tries to cancel on the day the reservations close. All reservations will close the Friday before the transfer at 12:00 PM. King’s Highway will only issue one refund per transaction, so please plan accordingly. All transfers will leave NMMI at 6:00 AM on the departure date and will leave ABQ at 6:00 PM on the return date. King’s Highway is not responsible for lost items or any items left on a bus. If a passenger leaves anything behind then that individual will be responsible for the postage to mail it.

Please email Janae Johnson at office@travelkingshighway.com with any questions or if you need assistance.