God Changes Our Plans!

Although we did not realize we were going to be operating a bus company, God had plans for us.

Tom had many years of experience driving for church groups and college trips. He would take vacation time off from his real job as a sales rep for Nabisco. He always enjoyed the trips, the people and discovering the country.

Everything changed on October 2, 1996. Tom’s birthday. The company announced a company wide “downsizing.” With 19 years of experience with the company, this was a difficult announcement for Tom. He had dedicated the time to them and was committed to the company. They told him he had three months more to work and he would get a severance package at that time.

Tom was mad, actually mad at God the entire day. Asking why, what did I do wrong, why is this happening to me. I haven’t done anything wrong. He was angry at God for letting this happen. That evening and the next day, Tom prayed the entire time he was working. What am I supposed to do? Where is this going to take me? How am I going to keep up with the things I need to provide? The day was completely different in attitude and focus from the day before.

Friday morning, the phone rang. A friend of Tom’s that knew he really enjoyed taking buses on tours was on the line. He said that he had wanted to catch Tom early, before he left for work. He had a bus that he was going to sell and he thought Tom would like to buy the bus.

Well, Tom needed no prompting. The wheels in his head were turning and he got to work on his new mission. He finished out the time he had to work for Nabisco. He received the severance from Nabisco to help with the next months of expenses. The wheels of progress for government paperwork, insurance and all the necessary filings steadily worked their way up into a finished product.

Although Tom had incorporated under his name for easy recognition, he wanted the bus business to have a name with a ring to it. One day in church, while writing notes, King’s Highway with a cross and highway logo was written down. That was it, it rang true. God put him in business and he needed to be able to easily remember that every day buses went out.