Rules & Guidelines


All passengers should be seated when the bus is in motion, especially in town and in heavy traffic.

We require at least two sponsors to be in charge and on the bus at all times when transporting groups that are under 18. The sponsors are responsible for the behavior of the passengers. The bus driver is responsible for the driving.

Eating and drinking on the bus is allowed at the driver’s discretion. If the bus is not maintained during the trip, eating and drinking will not be allowed on the return trip. Putting drinks (without screw on caps) on the floor is discouraged. When the bus moves or stops suddenly, the drink will turn over and everything on the floor, throughout the bus, will get wet.

Trash cans are furnished in all buses, please put trash in the trash cans. DO NOT put gum on the floor or under the seats. Gummy candy (Skittles) and sunflower seeds are not allowed.

Please treat the bus as you would your own vehicle. DO NOT stand on the seats, kick the seats, tear the seats. DO NOT kneel backwards in the seats with your knees in the seats. DO NOT sit on the armrests.

The restroom is available for required use. Please discourage passengers from using the restroom for solids, liquid deposits only will keep the restroom fresh, AND remind them to keep the lid closed. A friendly reminder to the guys to raise the lid or clean the mess. A trashcan is available in the restroom and ALL hygiene products must be disposed of in the trash can. (The group will be responsible for cleaning out any foreign objects (et. cans, bottles, etc.) or pay an extra charge.

Emergency exits are placed throughout the bus and are only to be used in an emergency.

The DVD and sound system is a convenience. The driver is not responsible for the operation or the movies that are played. The sponsors are the video monitors. Please choose someone that can operate the VCR/DVD without standing in the seats.

SMOKING IS NEVER ALLOWED ON THE BUS, INCLUDING THE RESTROOM, AT ANY TIME. We reserve the right to refuse transportation to anyone at anytime that disregards this rule. This is not just a company policy, it is a FEDERAL LAW.

We expect the sponsors to be observant of these guidelines and monitor activities on the bus. If the driver observes any violations of these guidelines or rules, the driver will request the sponsor to take the necessary action. The sponsors are responsible for the passengers and their conduct at all times.

Any willful damage to the bus will be noted at the time of the incident and the repair costs will be the responsibility of the charter group.

Please convey these guidelines to the group prior to departure.